Beautiful Showers – Beautiful Bathrooms

Published: 13th March 2007
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How would you design the bathroom of your dreams? There are many small adjustments that can be made, as well as major projects to undertake to transform your bathroom into a beautiful bathroom.

Design and Color. Bathroom colors and decorations are something that should be considered very carefully. Lots of time is spent in a bathroom so it must be an area that makes people feel comfortable and relaxed when necessary. Choose colors that are warm and inviting, not cold and harsh. Natural elements such as flowers and seashells are a wonderful theme to follow in bathroom design.

No Shower Curtains. Shower enclosures are a great way to add the look of beauty to a bathroom. There are many different styles that compliment any bathroom layout and help you to avoid shower curtains, which become very dirty and frequently need replacing.

Heated Floors. Heated floors are a fabulous amenity for a beautiful bathroom. Underneath a layer of beautiful tile or even linoleum, special heating equipment can be placed to keep floors warm.

Pantry for Towels. Storage space is essential to keep a bathroom looking beautiful. Linen storage, vanities, and proper counter space are all essential elements. One can spend as little or as much on these items to provide the backbone of beautiful bathroom design.

Making a bathroom beautiful is as easy a browsing online to see what interests you and then with a little work, you can have the bathroom of your dreams.

Angela Oliver is a contributing author for, specializing in custom shower door installation in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area. Please visit the site for more information about shower enclosures that will transform your bathroom into a beautiful bathroom.

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