Eagle Pitcher Batteries

Published: 08th April 2007
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A good battery manufacturer is one who has different types of batteries available. EaglePitcher is one such brand that has both AGM and Gel batteries available. Here is a look at their various products.

CF-AGM-2-8V Batteries. This grouping of Eagle Pitcher batteries has over 20 different models included with it. They include 2, 4, 6, and 8 volt batteries. The CF in the model number refers to a specific series of batteries known as Carefree. Carefree batteries are made with a wide range of chemistries specifically designed for long life and little maintenance.

CF-AGM 12 V. The next group of Eagle Pitcher batteries includes all 12 Volt batteries. However, each battery has an increased ampere-hour capacity accompanied with an increase in price. A higher Ah capacity means the battery can provide power to an application longer.

HE-AGM 12V. The group of HE AGM EaglePitcher batteries consists of 12 volt batteries, with the HE standing for High Efficiency. The terminal is also tin plated bass. These batteries are used in airports, towers, lighting, and other specialized products.

GC-Gel 6 and 12 V.All the previous mentioned groups are AGM, Sealed-Lead Acid batteries. The gel group consists of some 20 different models of gel batteries, all with either 6 or 12 Volt performance and varying Ah capacity.

Eagle Pitcher batteries are used in numerous different industries and applications including transportation, telecommunications, marine guidance, medical and military applications.

Angela Oliver is an author for Battery-Web.com, wholesaler and retailer of all types of batteries, chargers, and accessories. Please visit the site for more information about EaglePitcher batteries and specific models.

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