Multi-Modular Camera Bags: Photographers best friend

Published: 03rd July 2006
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Camera bags have come a long way, just as the digital technology of
photography has grown by leaps and bounds. In order to keep up with the digital
photography world, camera bag manufacturers have had to make modifications.
Multi-modular camera bags, like those made by M-Rock have the most features for
the money, and incredible craftsmanship that allows for hours of adventures.

Features: When M-Rock began creating camera bags, they thought of all the
details for outdoor adventure in photography. All M-Rocks
modular camera bags are equipped with a number of quality user-friendly features.

Exterior: Protective weather jacket
-Adjustable padded shoulder straps: can covert to backpack or chest pack
-Two Large belt loops to attach to modular belt
-Triple protection-rain flap, zipper, and front buckle
-Three exterior pockets: passport pockets, and easily accessible side pockets
-Bungee straps for carrying additional accessories: windbreaker, tripod, umbrella

Interior: Closed Cell thick foam, protects and adds structural rigidity.
-Ultra-soft felt, non-abrasive and perfect for digital cameras
-U shaped padded lens cradle

How it works. M-Rock has a compact line of 15 different sizes and styles of
camera bags. Any of the small modular camera bags can be attached to the left or
right of medium or large modular camera bags. Using a Velcro double attachment
system, the small bags have Velcro arms that slide through loops on the larger
bags or modular belt, to create an extremely secure attachment.

Advantages of MRock. All M-Rock products have a lifetime warranty on workmanship and
materials. The warranty is just a testament to the high integrity of
craftsmanship that is used in the making of M-Rock camera bags. M-Rock camera
bags are long lasting, and will protect cameras and equipment for years to come,
not start to fall apart in a few months. M-Rock bags are also very affordable,
making them available for any level photographer.

The choice is easy when it comes to camera bags. No other competitor comes close
to the features, craftsmanship, and functionality of M-Rock camera bags. Modular
camera bags will change the way you take pictures and open up a whole new world
in photography.

Angela Oliver is an author for, maker of the most functional and user-friendly camera bags. Visit today and check out their complete line of unique and high quality modular camera bags.

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